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June 18, 2015 by musehick

My desire to nail design fiction has given me much cause to think on it as a genre. I have read a lot of the descriptions and I feel I have a good grip on the purpose, as far as executing my own version of it? I like what I have written but as I have stated elsewhere, I am still not sure how close I got to the brief … is this important? Probably to no one else but me.

I was thinking about There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury, and The Messenger. The first story is totally about a house whose objects persist past the point where the owners do. The Messenger does something with its characters that treats them like objects that are moved around like chess pieces in order to tell a story. It struck me that this might be the perfect way to write design fiction.

Volume 1 of Fiction Designate is drawing to a close though, so the correction may not be something that is evident until the next volume is underway. If each volume is fifty stories long, which is how I am envisaging it, then I can turn them out fairly regularly at the rate of one for every day of the working week. It would be about ten weeks to write a collection, which is pretty cool. I need to read some more people to see how my own writing practices match up with theirs because I do wonder whether I have a fairly normal range of output or whether I am a little would be interesting to know.


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