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June 16, 2015 by musehick

When you set out to write something to fulfil a specific brief and it kind of gets away from you, should you consider that a failure? I think it depends … it can quite often become its own thing.

From what I have read about the intent of design fiction, the main driving force is consideration of the product or item, and the way it is used. Characters take a kind of back seat, only serving to demonstrate the function and considerations the object provokes.

Fiction Designate was supposed to be my own take on this, but I got really interested in the characters, and they kind of ran away with it. I like the way the collection is going though … to me it has a charm, and maybe the original idea threw it slightly off balance so as to make the eventual product something a little more interesting. I hope that is the experience anyway. You can find it if you google my name I think.

The project is close to conclusion, and there are a few others like that whichi want to make available as books. Time constraints bla bla bla, etc, ad infinitum, right?


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