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June 11, 2015 by musehick

I don’t know … sometimes you wonder about your own way of working. Some people they seem to work on a single project for forever and it takes an age to emerge. Others like myself work on a shit ton of things at the same time, and they are all out there like all the balls are being juggled at once.

It seems to work though. I get a lot done. I keep trying to ignore the detractors who claim being prolific is just churning out shit, and that quantity somehow detracts from quality. You get tired of saying fuck you though … it’s an attack on my honesty and my genuineness as a person, rather than an actual attack on the work. I am not going to buy into the bullshit. I shouldn’t even be flowing it power by mentioning it here … you get this idea that there are lessons in everything, and sometimes that opens you up to bullshit.

I enjoy everything I do, and I mean it at the time I write it. Might I revise my opinion in the light of new data? Sure, who wouldn’t? Who is that rigid that they think they know all and can make a statement one year and ten years down the line have it be the same? Ah well, it is all out there. I am hiding nothing, all the workings out are viewable.


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