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June 4, 2015 by musehick

I got the hump today. I busted my hump. Pushed the camel through the needle’s eye, and solved a problem. It was damned easy. I am on fire.

Maintaining momentum is always the difficult thing, but you can do it if you just keep the pedal to the metal, and I know that I can do that. Why? Because I have a desire to do so, and I like the idea of the rewards that one can attain from the hard work.

I never shirk. I will push at that bastard cliff face until it moves because I need it to. You ever had to move a mountain to Mohammed because he wouldn’t move, then you know what I mean.

Writing isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do, but any creative endeavour takes some sweat and some dedication. I hope you see that here. I hope you see that in any work you read or consume from anyone. It’s there, even if it isn’t immediately visible. I am conscious of this if I ever criticise anyone’s work. It demand compassion, and if you don’t see that you shouldn’t be engaged in the game of sharing your opinion.

Push push push, this is me. The cliff face? Doesn’t stand a chance.


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