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May 14, 2015 by musehick

You make mistakes. Everyone does. One of them is to look backwards and to assume in some cases that you can do anything to repair any damage you may have caused. But there is definitely a point where an escape velocity has to be achieved. Unless you are still in the situation and still wreaking damage or causing upset, the subject should be let drop.

In a situation where two parties fuck up and decide to go their own ways, it is pretty damned obvious that there were some problems. Sure, it doesn’t mean it was all a problem, but if a real resolution had been achieved the parting wouldn’t have been necessary. What is the statue of limitations?

This is all rhetorical. When lives separate out you have to end cycle … you can’t keep blaming someone for continuing problems; some of that shit you carry with yourself.

My own integrity and my own hypocrisy are things by which I shall be judged, I understand this. I have mended fences with those who were willing, and those who weren’t have been cut loose. I dedicate myself daily to the service of others. I hold to a routine as do most people. I apologise for none of it. I have done my apologising. No more. Anyone who is on my side and wants to stand with me is welcome, and anyone else can go fuck themselves.


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