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May 5, 2015 by musehick

Just sit there and brainstorm … find something you won’t write about. Once you have done that force yourself to actually write about it. Why? Because you have to be brave to be a writer.

If you are a coward at the keyboard your art will be worth nothing and it deserves to disappear in a slushpile. Intrusion is one of your tools, and art is one of your defences. You aren’t a journalist so you can tell the truth freely, because you can cut your symbols from the purer cloth of creation.

I am not afraid of anything. I can talk about anything, and this here is my voice, so why would it be any different? For some it is … they wear a mask, and sure, artifice can be artful, but it can also be somewhat shallow, and that should be avoided at all costs.

Why wouldn’t you say something? Because it is dangerous? Something like that? Maybe, right? Well, I don’t look forward to your milquetoast work at all; it promises to be lily livered, and I like my steak rare.


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