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May 4, 2015 by musehick

Funny, I just realised that this blog predates my inspirational brush with Warren Ellis that caused me to start Regular Movement, and even the 365 project did that. Still, I suppose they had hit slow burn territory and the Morning Computer site was a necessary catalyst to fire it up again.

I won’t say I find it hard to deal with lazy people, but I do tire of excuses as to why things can’t be done. Your mouth is close to your nose so you can smell the hint of your own bullshit as you are speaking it … please, don’t share it with me.

I talk enough about the travails that assail me, so anyone who is paying attention knows I don’t talk about this with no experience of hard times, so when I advocate hard work and pushing through shit I am not being facile or glib. Sure, it isn’t hard … to exercise an old cliché: nothing worth having ever is. It’s true.

The guys who have a lot? They sacrificed and worked hard to get it. Sitting on your arse and bitching about what someone never gave you really isn’t a very valuable action at all. If I hit the self pity wavelength I snap myself out of it by writing my way out; I have friends that will pounce on that shit and shut it down, but I don’t want to rely on them to police me, what kind of useless fuck would that make me? Fruits don’t spontaneously manifest … they have to be grown, my friend – get out into the fucking garden.


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