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May 1, 2015 by musehick

I am sneaking up on a year of Regular Movement, so that means at least 3 books after some editing.

I have almost completed a second book of love poetry for my girlfriend, and will roll on into a third easily.

Days Event Pomes also climbs towards its finish too. So, the aim is to roll a longer piece of fiction into the mix, but damn, to find the time somewhere in these days of diminishing free time is going to be a challenge and a half. It is one I definitely have a vested interest in, and one I shall pursue fervently. It is one that I have been pursuing for the longest time anyway.

Books are my gift to the world, and when they embrace them it is something wonderful. When they shun them or ignore them, what of that? Not much you can do I suppose, apart from continuing to plug on and keep writing.


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