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April 5, 2015 by musehick

It is Easter … a holiday I have kind of lost contact with. It used to be one of the ones that I used to end up going to church for with the grandparents, and for a second there while I had step kids it was something I had to be interested in, but otherwise? Not really.

The spirit of Christmas engaged me even when I considered myself much more secular, but Easter never really engaged me in that sense; it was always more of a gimmicky holiday. I know it occupies a big place on the Christian calendar, and it always makes me smile when you look at how much pagan imagery attends it.

I remember at home, with my dad, watching the story of Jesus in various iterations, and that was always pretty compelling. But as a kid it was, I hate to say it, all about the chocolate eggs, and as the eggs got bigger, it was all about the toys inside the eggs.

Today? I am in church, but the Easter holiday isn’t front and centre of my thinking, because it seems such a weird confused mess of a thing, and it isn’t why I come to church, and doesn’t have much to do with what I do there. Not to beat up on it or anything … I am sure it is some people’s favourite.

Anyway, I am stealing time to write, which is one of my favourite things to do.


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