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March 27, 2015 by musehick

Are you lazy? Are you a dosser? Does it make you proud to sit around and do fuck all and be rewarded for it? Are you one of these entitled motherfuckers that thinks that the world owes you something, but you have been around for so long that you have put down a taproot out of your immoveable arsehole?

If this is you then I have no compunction in telling you that I hate you. You make it harder for everyone else … so, well done on that one. Sure, the man, the corporation, then government, whatever bugbear you want to pick, has some hand in making the working class  man suffer. No one, though is quite so problematic as the lazy good for nothing who is stood in line waiting for a hand out.

Some people will now throw the subject of charity about, and argue for the humanity of it all. Well, okay, something in this whole argument seems to suggest that the working man somehow has it easier than the bum, and it disregards the work which has been done to earn the things owned. It is annoying.

I have worked pretty consistently since I left school, and while at times it has seemed had and unpleasant, it is something i have stuck with. Why? Because there are things I have wanted and I don’t like stealing, and this seemed the best way to get it. And I earned myself a record collection and a library full of books. Even though I am smart – people tell me this – I still had to turn up and do the work … shit doesn’t just appear; it really doesn’t.

Writing is the same … it takes dedication. Only the lazy complain about the hard work aspect. I look at how long I have been doing this and I laugh. Yeah, poor you. And rant over.


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