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March 21, 2015 by musehick

Something simple about the title of a post, and it communicates so much, doesn’t it? You read the day of the week that I wrote this and you are already picturing a certain scenario; if you read the previous post you might be wondering what transpired in the elapsed time between … this is why stories are so magical and why in some regards they are so easy, if you think with your reader’s ready primed imagination.

As human beings, as spiritual beings, we want every single waking moment to be an adventure, and the great thing is – there is nothing stopping that from being the case. Or rather there is nothing external stopping that from being the case.

Ah, I hear you starting up the engine of moan, but, fuck off OK? I used to do those horrible fucking grinding jobs, and it isn’t that long ago that I was on the verge of being evicted after losing a job and being well and truly entrenched in debt … yes, I know, a regular fucking blues song … Julie London please, no, I insist, Cry Me A River.

I am going through a periodic readjustment and reinvigoration -and please, if you come anywhere near saying manic cycle I will bitch slap the stupid out of you. Create and create more and keep creating, and it will sometimes hit a wane rather than a wax and you need to throw the bloody candle out, get a new one, and trim the sodding wick.

You do not need this; you do not need that – what you need is an ounce of gumption and some hard fucking work, and it will all come right. Thank you, and good night. Go and make some magic happen for some people.


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