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March 10, 2015 by musehick

You’d think with so many different venues in which t write that one’s energy might get fractured; that one might actually be dispersed and not able to focus enough to write something different for each one, but that would be a misperception.

To poke at the prolific, the constipated say that quality and quantity is an impossible task. What is that? Fear of their own crappiness, which they wish to infect you with. Why? Because if you look less amazing then they look less crappy.

I love having ideas, but I love bringing projects to fruition even more. I finished writing Newly Minted Sunshine this week, and I finished Mad Bastard Rhymes & Other Crimes as well. I was wondering where, apart from the Regular Movement books, my mind was going to take me, and then I was gifted with an article my girlfriend that opened up a whole new area of possibility.

I wrote the second poem of No More Shadows, which is part of a planned trilogy of love poems written for my girlfriend, and there are a couple more ideas just gestating in the old brain room. Exciting? I hope you will find them to be so. I feel like I am more than back on the horse … I am on fire.


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