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March 6, 2015 by musehick

I suppose you might say that it has been a little dry on the fiction front of late. It is the one arm of Regular Movement that suffered from the limited amount of time that I have had to dedicate to my art. The poetry has been flourishing as usual, but even that has been perhaps a little truncated in form. What to do? Well, the idea is that I need to create space for it and just work a little bit harder.

I always find it a little lame when someone just offers up excuses for why the couldn’t make something work, and I know I am as guilty of that as anyone. If you really want to do something you can … the is nothing that a little bit of application and hard work can’t achieve. If I mess up or miss a deadline it is because somewhere along the line I failed to plan adequately, or I failed to apply the necessary amount of elbow grease. To be frank, it is kinda fucking pathetic.

A lot of people bellyache and complain and that is all they offer to the world, and whereas it is ok for them to do absolutely zero to city their own fucked up situation, there is, for some reason, an onus on the rest of us to lend them a helping hand. I am sorry, but I have not had people bending over backwards and helping me with charity. How have people helped me? They have given me the knowledge I ne eded to lift myself up out of the dirt, and the truth is, every single person, if they just looked at it and decided, have the wherewithal to do this.

I never wanted someone to hold my hand and be sympathetic to me about my faults; no, I instead wanted someone to point out how exactly I might go about remedying the outpoint and moving forward. It is a difference in viewpoint, and it is an indicator of what kind of person you are dealing with … do they want everything done for them, or are they going to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get some skin in the game.

I am going to meet the targets I have set myself. I am pretty goddamned persistent, and I have been smashing away at this rock face for a long time … too long to let the first obstacle … a paucity of time, cripple me.

As ever, watch this space.


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