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February 28, 2015 by musehick

I have a read a bit more this week than I have in a long time, and that always gets the juices flowing. I don’t know how it will manifest, but I am looking to clear away some of the piles of books on my desk and actually get the flow lines operational again. Having a work station with no work coming out of it seems a little redundant.

I want to finish something and get it out there as a physical product and have people own it, because this is something i haven’t done in a while. I want a book that I can be proud of and that people will enjoy. I have the product so it is all now about the presentation.

I am watching Bosch on Amazon Prime and I am enjoying it – a good detective piece is always a good way to get the mind working along those kind of puzzle solving lines … gives you a good in on solving the problems of your own fictions. I have also been reading Nailbiter, which I am enjoying, and last night I finished Manhattan Projects Vol. 5  which is that brand of batshit crazy that is pretty damned exciting (the storytelling in terms of the whole narrative and the way the art captures it all is a standard I would love to match when I finally fulfil my desire to put a comic book out into the world).

I want to step up the amount of production, as ever, but I want to increase the quality too, and I want to start finishing things too. And I will.


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