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February 22, 2015 by musehick

i should maybe call this blog PSG intermittent. I like to believe that quality is better than quantity, but I also realise that every day that I do not write here it is. Broken promise to the people who followed it for so long, but also to myself as well.

It is a great thing to have some regularity when one is working, especially with writing … it is kind of like being on warm shutdown; it doesn’t take quite so long to power up and get running again because some part of you is always awake.

To clarify though, and this is probably unnecessary, as most people who read me here tend to be following me elsewhere, but it is not as if I am not writing somewhere every day. This was part of the aim of starting up Regular Movement, to stick a thorn in my side, or a spur to keep digging into me and moving me along.

Not to make it sound all painful though, because it isn’t, and I like to write … it is why I keep doing it. I realised though that having some kind of structure or routine does nothing to limit me, in fact the discipline gets it so that one can sit down and write whenever the mood takes one, and that is how it should be. No one wants to have an whole bunch of things that they have in place before they can write. I think that is kind of what happened with my art … and the only good thing about spotting that is that I might be able to repair it at some point.

My thinking on that whole thing is that I am going to have to go through a period of emulation, where I folow in then footstps of a master and apprentice myself all over again, like I used to. Once I regain my chops then I can step out from under the shadowy wings and rock it again.

I have felt an itch to be artistic with paint for a long time now, and time constraints are a bullshit reason not to have done anything. I reach for the equipment and then I withdraw, but the ghost limb keeps on itching.

One cool thing is that I have people around me who want me to knock off the bullshit and be all I can be, and that means being able to paint and also to get back on the spoken word circuit. More than that … I used to create these events if I wanted to go to them, and somewhere along the line I forgot I was able to do that. No more, no more. And the spur digs in.


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