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October 26, 2014 by musehick

There has to be a risk in writing, and sometimes it is not just the subject which has to be the source of risk – sometimes the way in which you post it should also be risk. Might it be taken down or deleted? That does not matter. The question should be: might it communicate and might it do enough to change someone’s viewpoint?

If we are doing anything with this thing called writing, it is to have an effect. If the work that you create is not in some way transformative; if it effects no change in the readership, then what exactly is the point of it? None. And when I say that I do not discount writing that is intended purely to entertain and give pleasure, for is that not in its own way an effect? I say yes, and in this age when people are so eager to focus on bad news and spread like a disease designed to take us down as surely as any real ailment, is it not a revolutionary act to make someone smile?

The world always needs more beauty. If you don’t believe in a creator you should at least be able to agree that this is a pretty beautiful place where we live – this earth that is our home is amazing and endlessly wonderful; a real source of inspiration. The great thing about us, we human creatures, is that not only are we capable of identifying and appreciating the beauty that already exists out there in the world, we also have an ability to be the origin point of it ourselves, and it need not be something that ever runs out – our own creativity is one of those renewable energy sources which can last in perpetuity. The world is a miracle, and we are a multitude of miracles crawling about on its surface. Miracles are not the rare thing that some would have us believe they are … no, they are instead readily available to witness. Step outside your door. Or just wake up.

This underpins all of my writing – these thoughts; these feelings; this sense of purpose.


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