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September 20, 2014 by musehick

So, I have been writing daily, and creating other things too … it got a little harder towards the end of the week, but I have definitely neglected this place. I am way past the point of apologising for the lapse – it seems to be a regular drop off an resurgence; but it doesn’t hurt a to reaffirm a commitment once in a while, and the desire is to actually integrate the writing of this blog in with the whole Regular Movement idea.

I like to put some thought into this whole writing thing every day – the telling of stories and the writing of poetry; non-fiction; and then writing and thinking about the act of writing. I don’t understand not working hard, and although I write every day I don’t do it through any driven obsession or anything like that … I do it because I enjoy it, and get a lot from it.

Freedom within a framework of routine really works for me to – it establishes a rhythm of writing where I feel well exercised and able to turn my hand to any genre or plotline without hitting any speed bumps. Sometimes I suppose the frequency might lead to some repetition or run on thoughts, but generally I think it just keeps things moving forward.

Having time set aside to read; time for movies; and time for writing is not a bad thing … it helps me create space around those activities so that they don’t get impacted on and destroyed by external forces. Even with the interruptions I have to put up with I keep it moving along.

I’d love to do some editing this weekend … I have some books to get out there. Lulu or Amazon, that is the question.


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