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August 30, 2014 by musehick

It stretches like taffy – Friday into Saturday … the day that money turns into food and other stuff. I sometimes wonder if I could divide my food between stuff that makes me need to shit and food that makes me want to pee – because that is what it comes down to in the end, right? Right? And a jump cut in my mind occurs of moments in the week when my Scottish work colleague has made reference to defecation and poop. How many people have I told about the homeless people who took shits in our office doorway? And conversations with medical personnel about the consistency of my own stools. And sitting in the bathroom how often have I thought it might be funny and necessary to make light of my overly regular bathroom visits by alluding to the fact that I am quite literally full of shit, and then thankfully the British mechanism kicks in and maintains a polite facade with a seething underneath and everything remains in equilibrium.

I have been reading something particularly British, or at least it strikes me so – The Bojeffires Saga by Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse, and it reminds of a particular vein of British humour that was present in both newspaper cartoon strips and TV comedies. It’s like Only Fools & Horses with a supernatural element, or Giles, which I always read sat in the doctor’s waiting room when I was a kid. I only saw Giles in one other place – when they put a statue in Ipswich where I went to college. I could dig it out, I know, but I think my comedy comes from a similar place to this, and it does have a little bit of a different flavour to American comedy. What is it? Something ugly-beauitufl and earthy and real, and smart but not intellectual.

I had a big pile of A$ paper in front of me today and decided I am going to write something online for once … I’ll have to transcribe it later, but who cares? It’s punnily enough called the long and. And the project I devised last week for collab is going to kick off this weekend. i have a lot to read – a lot to write. Catch up until you can run ahead.


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