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August 28, 2014 by musehick

I feel good – and I went for a regular check-up and it was confirmed that I am doing pretty well; better than average. I have a good positive mental attitude. And you know what? That shit helps with everything. Be real about everything – your life, your art; whatever you are involved in – and they will work so much better than if you introduce falsehoods in. White lies are like bleach and black lies are like oils – one seems obviously less damaging than the other, but watch the build up.

Ah, but I don’t wish to get preachy. Preachy doesn’t work, does it? When a good writer gets all didactic you want to move seats because they stink up the room. Build a story around it, and not have characters as mere ciphers who react in a real manner – that might convince, because you can step into their shoes and occupy their viewpoint. It’s magic, right? Real magic you can see working it’s alchemy every time a kid who identifies with Harry Potter is empowered to take on the Dursleys who plague him; every time the adolescent Peter Parkers become Spiderman and take out the Green Goblin or Venom.

I have started to find my rhythm with stories I had to set aside because I lacked the energy, and they will positively motor to their end. Nano is not far away so another novel too. And I keep finding work I’d forgotten about. Structure,, then order, then expansion – this is the plan; and it is coming together.


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