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August 27, 2014 by musehick

I sometimes think reading Stephen King writing about writing is almost as inspiring and exhilarating as reading his fiction; he has such an enthusiastic and infectious way of talking about it that is informative yet not didactic that you have so much fun you hardly know you are learning, and that is something I definitely aspire towards.

My other favourite way of learning is collaboration and I have some people lined up for something that I am really excited about. I just need to get it up and running and then dig in the spurs. I have a plan formulating that is going to really help, but damn time seems to run on like the fine grains of sand through the proverbial egg-timer. But I know if I put my mind to it I can outrun the stopwatch and lap it and ghet a hell of a lot more done than anyone would expect.

Part of this organisation should sharpen up these posts again, and allow me to be much more specific than i sometimes am here … I never intend to be vague, but I often have so many things floating around that this just seems to be the mode in which I communicate. Hints and clues that suddenly manifest in the form of a new story or poetry blog, and then we hit the ground running. I kind of like some aspects of that, but perhaps the launching of new ideas would be swifter and more far-reaching if the system was refined to the point I have been trying to get it to for years. Hard drives and computer changes all interfere, and that strange mercurial thign called life. Keep hammering away at it though, like these fingers hammer at the keyboard, and in the end there will be something to show for it.


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