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August 14, 2014 by musehick

Set up and knock ’em down. I like finishing books and then I enjoy publishing them, and then it is great thing to read them later and find things which I didn’t know I was even saying. I like to find out what other people take from my work too, because they are like a hall of mirrors set around me that reflect me in ways I am sometimes unaware of.

Writing like all other things that I do is an exercise in growth. The work must grow, as must I. If we do not grow then what are we? Dead wood. Dead would do nothing except remain and rot away in an entropic ballet.

All these poetry books that I have bottlenecked want to breathe and run free in the world. The prose books likewise wish to stretch their legs. I want my children to run free. Then they are out in the world paving the way for all my foetal ideas that I want to be able to push through the maturation chambers and get them out there.


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