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August 10, 2014 by musehick

I think I lost a poem today, but maybe it will circle round and pop back into my brain. It had a nice rhythm to it and came to as I walked into the parking area outside out apt block. I am reading and enjoying this Graphic novel of Hendrix that originally debuted in the Revolver comic 2000ad out back in the 90s – the art is phenomenal.

I was thinking about some of the magazines I used to read today, and I miss them. The Face magazine rocked – design-wise it was always interesting. And then there was Sleaze Nation which was something a little edgier as The Face started the slide towards going out of print.

I liked the sensibility of both of them though, and then there was i-D Magazine, just a really stylish and interesting read. Those 3 envelope pushers got me thinking visually and that impacted on how I would write. Music I listen to bounces around and hits some filter that also transmogrifies it into words. At some point I’d like to see if I could reverse those flows and produce music and art. I have some basic musical functionality, I think; meaning I think I have an ear … you can’t be totally screwed in that respect and deliver spoken word. Artwise I always used to have it – I could draw photographically, but I always wanted to move in and ideas direction … bumped up against criticism that killed my enthusiasm, and drove me towards writing.

I think if you look at my book covers and my sites, even though a majority of them are out of the box. I do have an aesthetic – that just needs to be amplified and refined, and in some senses made more cohesive, all while satisfying the idea of “dirt in the mix” which I have carried around me since the first time I heard Never Mind The Bollocks”, The Clash, and PIL. The music has to have scratches and dents in it even if the media it is delivered on doesn’t. Think of when Star Wars had that used future look to it and how it seemed better than the anemic bullshit that came when they moved further into the increasingly antiseptic centre of that universe.

Bleachy clean is great for bathrooms, but ain’t peachy keen for art by any means, and anyone who tries to sanitise art should be hacked off at the knees and used as meat for meth-heads dogs. Anyway, this is going to be hopefully a bit more of an active place (LOL, I write this excuse and promise here so much) but I am getting a lot better with daily writing schedules, and I want to pull back the curtain a little more than I already do. Dig deeper into my thinking … should be interesting. I hope.


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