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June 29, 2014 by musehick

So the world of A Reality Engineer kind of threw me a curveball, and I hope it doesn’t come of like a deus ex machina, because it didn’t feel that way to me. I had been thinking about the Bechdel test a little in previous weeks and obviously hadn’t been writing as much and the two things kind of got stewed in the brain-pan and gumboed themselves together into a whole new thread and aspect of the story’s universe that provided an adequate answer to how to deal with the crippling of the entire agency and the villain of the piece. It also satisfied the need of a very, up until this point, male-centric story, to have some quality female characters who are actually pivotal to the story.

The swing I am getting back into is taking me longer to manufacture than ever before. The pneumonia did a real number on me, and its after effects aren’t a great deal of fun either, but I am a resilient bastard and I will overcome this … and I will write the stories I need to write, and the poems too.

I hate having been out of commission for so long; it seems so unnatural to me. It seems odd that the muscles in my body, slowly coming back to life, have to work so hard to help me do simple things like sitting up, typing, and carrying shopping, but that is the truth of being in a period of rehabilitation. All things shall pass. I am upbeat about it all. I would rather laugh than cry.


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