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June 8, 2014 by musehick

I am kind of listening to the news – not by choice, and analysing how it is put together, and it is a travesty of Journalism. I think it is Fox. We studied libel law and I remember there being a case where seeming to juxtapose images and ideas in a way that changed the meaning of one or other piece of content opened you to libel, because it caused inaccuracy in delivery of the story. The newscasters make constant references to examples and analogies that are not drawn directly from the facts of the incident and leave them hanging there to colour the way you view the story. Hearsay that references no sources is also apparently acceptable now. And saying what you don’t know as a way of planting suggestions about what might be is a very cynical and underhand way of reporting. Where did these people study?

Boil away all the useless chatter, the empty rhetoric, and just leave the facts, and how much do you have left? Barely anything. The veracity of anything churned out by major news channels is questionable at best – it is one of the major downsides to some of the changes brought on by the internet … the erosion of real journalism. Not that it’s not out there, and not that citizen journalism doesn’t work, but the fact that the mainstream is in such a sorry state is a little distressing. Pick your channel and feed your prejudice.

This will compost down and come out in some poetry or prose, soon I am sure.


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