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June 6, 2014 by musehick

I must be getting old or something, because there is part of me that wants to write a specific kind of poem. I may have to relearn some of the things that I knew though. I used to know things like bird names, and grasses, and other animals of the field. I used to be familiar with trees. This was from reading but it was also from being born in the country and living around people who had that kind of knowledge locked in and down. Of course I did study, and I expanded on everything … I have always been a voracious information guzzler.

The poems I want to write will be almost like photographic representations of landscapes I have moved through. I once tried to write something a little like that – the book and the style I was trying to pioneer were called gestalt, and I suppose the idea was kind of like the camera set-up for the matrix; it was supposed to capture everything.

I know I write in specific ways, that there are some lazy learned habits, that maybe only I see, but these things push me to want to evolve always. If one doesn’t constantly struggle with their work and try to improve their technique, then what is the point? Where are they going to go, and how is the writing going to evolve?

Changing palette, adding new words,approaching from different angles. Knock the lazy out, leave the comfortable bruised. Kill any stale bullshit that tries to sneak in.

I read some great interviews in the last few days, and Warren Ellis’ newsletter is a great source of ideas, as is Brandon Graham’s blog. These things are spurs and drive me ever onward.


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