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June 4, 2014 by musehick

I find things like the Bechdel Test a little annoying. I understand that they are addressed to a problem of under-representation, but anything that gets overly prescriptive about what and what should not be in a story is problematic. Judging creative work like this is odd to me – trying to construct an odd pseudo-science that boils everything down to its constituent parts and whether it ticks certain boxes. To me that is not what creative work is about and doesn’t really affect the way I feel about it either. I t would kind of be like relying on that Microsoft Word algorithm to tell you how good your writing is … doesn’t work.

With films I like auteurs; I like imperfect flawed masterpieces – fuck audience-driven survey based films that lack a soul. By committee? Why?

Write strong female characters, let them have conversations – I think that’s great. I love writing that kind of thing. But some stories aren’t going to go there and that doesn’t make them bad or flawed. I know it’s currently an internet hobby-horse but it’s one I hope settles down and finds it’s own place without telling and bullying every story writer into doing things as “they are supposed to be done”.


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