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May 21, 2014 by musehick

Something good happened today – I pulled in good communication from other people. That ray of light broke through the clouds and some of the physical discomfort I have been in seemed to break up and disappear. That can be the way with even a little shift of perspective. From hopeless to hopeful is a significant step.

Feels like something budged and came loose, and a big part of it was being trapped in this big circling loop of negative thinking that does no one any favours. I don’t think it is necessary to anything and never has been, and it has been something I have been seeking to eradicate from my life for the longest time. Hopefully, back on the horse, and a little more self-aware, as one always is after these brushes with their own inner darkness, I can stave off that slow decline into negative bullshit. I think I can.

The amount of work should start to hit a more normal level, and not be quite so bleak. Well, not totally sunshine meadow filled, but at least with that coming from something creative, not something soured and rotten inside me.


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