Monday 2

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May 12, 2014 by musehick

You ever feel the need to break the way you write? Change it up. Forget your colour palette and reinvigorate your image bank. I want to be always kind of angular and jagged like I have just woken up from a revelatory dream.

I used to set restrictions, or impose artificialities on myself, and it worked. It should never be too easy and too comfortable. You should be fidgeting in your seat like it’s on fire.

Sometimes life feels like this — too comfortable and inviting of a game-changer. The trick is to conjure up something positive and life affirming. Falling in love with something again might be a good way to do that – doesn’t matter what it is. But fuck I want that unique warmth of loving something again; something to feel passionate about. It’s out there calling – I’m calling to it. It’s coming.


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