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May 7, 2014 by musehick

I love telling stories. I love poetry. But there is something in telling stories that really sparks something in me. To make contact with the idea of a character, and then to communicate with them and through them … that is something special. To be in one of those creative zones where the ideas land and then peel out with the rapidity of a ride through a jazz tune.

I like to dance around with different techniques but at the heart of it all is solid story-telling, or at least my version of that … whatever that means. I jest, of course, I have that needed arrogance that makes me sit down and write in the first place. The fact that I know people are listening now? Makes me incorrigible. A writer with readers? Well, that’s as close as I get to reciprocal love these days.

I am telling whatever comes to my mind and that is the way it should always be. Hit the ground running always, be a kung-fu fighter turning everything to your advantage. Being a writer is about taking those chances, about making those chances, about doing every goddamned thing that you need to do in order to write. Why? Because it is what you do, and it might change someone’s life, even if it is only yours.


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