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May 5, 2014 by musehick

I am not going to claim that my life is in anyway populated with people because it isn’t, but as with a lot of people, the working week demands of you that you invite in a lot data that you rent space in your head to which is not necessarily yours. I know I have a limitless data capacity, and the weekend allows for that creation of the thinking space I need in order to boil and reduce down all the meat I have been chewing on during the week.

Music is integral to this whole process for me. Yesterday was a Lou Reed day – and that presents a lot of variety; great lyrics and short quick lessons in character building, but also some wonderful wide soundscapes that provide an abstract back-drop for the mind to work against.

I read and killed a whole host of graphic novels this weekend to – and the art does something similar for me as the music does. I come off the visual and aural stimulation both with a desire to translate some of that energy into writing. I have wanted to make music and art for a while, but something in me is a little broken on that count … however, I live and breathe prose and poetry so all this fuel gets me burning along at a good rate.

Last week was a little muted – it was one of those occasional fuck me, I’m burned out weeks where the work output was not typical – they are as necessary as peak weeks I suppose. Anyway, the horse is calling me to get back on it, and even if it is feeling a little bucking bronco I am game for the ride.


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