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April 29, 2014 by musehick

It may be that in some sense we prime the notional space into which we move further down the line. There is a selection process which sees certain thing filtered out of both the physical and ideational universe as we move along a certain trajectory. You start to read Sherlock Holmes, for instance, and iterations of that character and ideas resonant with the themes of his stories start to find you in the cultural experience you undergo, and the everyday.

I have often thought that the human sphere we move in and the technology we populate it with is merely some abstraction of a body’s or mind’s function. Conversely everything outside must have some correspondent mechanism that it most resembles – a quantum computer is of course going to be the brain, right? Except this quantum computer doesn’t only process the data and collapse all those jostling super-positional numbers down into a singular piece of data it turns that datum into a choice.

I think I sometimes become aware of the crinkly edges of the complexity that is the super-positional data-streams I am surfing working their way to that collapsed probability wave of the chosen step, and a kind of whitenoise is generated, a feedback – like if you take the guitar too close to the amp, and I can use this distortion to shape both the world inside and outside of me. Doesn’t that make sense? The notional universe is not just the place you have an idea of that might arrive in after a series of events, it is also the idea you have about the place once you arrive – it is a nexus of past, present and future interacting to shape and alter perceptions and judgments.

I am writing things I would hate to call prescient, hate to call insightful, but which do feel like they have the flavour of that step-ahead-place that occasionally slip into when I am at my most creative. It is exciting.


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