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April 21, 2014 by musehick

Fiction – multi-layered, multi-narrative, cross-textual, inter-referential – I love it. It is fun to write. I read how some of these guys have the whole motherfucking story planned out before they ever sit down at a keyboard … me, I always learn by writing and it is kind of like pouring a huge bucket of paint into a smaller bucket of paint with some holes in it. As we go along I suddenly notice where the leaks spring from and how much of what I want to pour in the bucket can hold.

I can juggle shit well though – I can keep many balls in the air at once. Even and especially when they start to bounce off of each other – I can still keep them up there. In fact, if it is a little challenging, all the better.

And I just had a thought as I am writing this – wouldn’t a poem that did that in some epic form be pretty damn amazing? I thrown down the gauntlet and challenge myself daily, so that I may rise up and above the low level watermark of my comfort zone. If there is something you are scared of doing you should do it.


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