April 15, 2014 by musehick

I suppose I should mention that yesterday I hit 250 posts on this blog, which is significant even if the blog is supposed to be daily and hasn’t yet hit 365 posts in the years its been active. It is an interesting week for me – records wise – all grist for the mill as they say – and this is not an un-noteworthy one.

My parents would have celebrated their Ruby wedding on Sunday April 13th. April 13th is the day I was christened – a year after my parents married. Around this time in April 2007 I met my ex-wife. I was apparently conceived on April 28th 1974. So, loaded, right?

Even if I don’t sit here and write about that stuff explicitly it has to be floating around in the noggin and bouncing off things, doesn’t it? Creating a perfect storm; my own particle collider. Aren’t we always in a sense searching for our own big bang, and aren’t we all the well-travelled starlight from that first moment when we came into being? Maybe … maybe a metaphor stretched a tad too far.

Anyhoo, I was sitting here reading the blog of one of the people newly following me and I was suddenly struck by something – I have often wondered that people don’t really comment that much, but then I realised today, after all this time, that people leave their personal profile link which leads you to their blog and they are telling you what they think about the world … they are having a conversation with you. They are somewhat likeminded because they followed you, and you are speaking to them. It is as if we were communicating by means of time capsules. It’s cool, it suggests a network that you don’t always recognise, one that when you do you are grateful for.

Getting ready for a push somewhere – some kind of epochal shift; my antennae are getting twitchy


3 thoughts on “Monday

  1. T.K. says:

    You seem to have a very interesting perspective on the world. That’s why I’m following!

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