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March 30, 2014 by musehick

Some days are a real blessing. I love to write, but I also love to read … to hear the words of other people. I mentioned here before that I had the pleasure of my mum reading her poetry to me, and that was something that was repeated today. I had a great conversation with her – the longest we have had in a good long while, and it is great to feel that a single conversation can resurrect a relationship which you have sadly neglected for too long.

Communication is great, and obviously the base reason why a lot of us write, and as has been said elsewhere it is all “Only to connect”. Well, thankfully we sometimes can forego the written communication, and we can talk directly to those who are important with us, and we connect that way. It is always interesting to find that the one thing which keeps us separated – human drama – has the potential to reunite us, because there is often a commonality in the experience.

I was watching Creature Comforts made by Nick Parks and his crew and one of the animals in there was talking about how having one word for love is an odd thing about English, because the love you have for a child differs from the love for a lover, is not the same as the love of a mother. I reconnected today and the universe became a less lonely place, and I saw how hard I have worked to make that way, and how easy it is to fix. Being miserable is hard work. It is odd that writing more miserable and down tone things is so easy and writing upbeat happy stuff can seem like a chore.

My mum’s poetry had something really easy and comfortable in it – it came from an emotional centre which I know I tap into in myself sometimes, but which can get a little baffled by the filters of intellectualism and education. I hope that doesn’t read as pretentiously as it sounds to me – all I am trying to say is I was struck by the honesty of the writing. I also got to see my mum’s sense of aesthetics in the decor of the house, but also in the lovely compilations of photos of my dad she had had made. I know I have talked about not creating in a vacuum before but it is nice to be surprised and to recognise in my mum a similar sensibility, one that resonates with me. Yes, the world got several shades brighter today.


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