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March 29, 2014 by musehick

Not sure if I have ever said this before, but I love Roseanne Barr, and I loved the show Roseanne. Why? Because it is about people like me. I don’t know if people who meet someone from England over here actually get the kind of working class background that I come from. The shorthand reduces me to London and I don’t think many people see beyond the tourist idea of London, or the Hugh Grant posh suburb  of London.

Roseanne was talking about how people like her weren’t represented on TV; that there was a kind of cultural invisibility (my words), and that is true of people from where I come from. The countryside of England gets reduced to picture postcard, local yokel hayseed, country squire, historical costume drama bullshit. Working class people with aspirations trying to escape the trap of the small town … it can be soul destroying, but you find ways to deal with it and you find humour in it, or you would go crazy and go postal, and stalk through the corridors pumping everyone full of lead. Roseanne captures this.

The characters are real. I loved that show. It meant something to me. To write something that honest and that funny and that smart – that would truly be something. Comedy that is about something and gets a message across but doesn’t ram it down your throat without any lubrication – that is a great thing to pull off. If everything is about smart intellectuals with trust funds, how many people live that life? Who wants to constantly with vapid egotistial arseholes who live in quotation marks.


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