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March 26, 2014 by musehick

I am building a universe, a whole bunch of interconnected stories – I have had that idea for the longest time, and why wouldn’t that be the case? All my favourite writers are world builders. I have always liked the fact that they can take a small element of one story and explode it outwards and show you a whole area of life in that place that you would never have guessed existed.

Stracynzski did it with Babylon 5 all the time; Shakespeare did it all the time; Garth Ennis does it; Warren Ellis does it; Frank Miller does it; any writer worth their salt does it – there are no bit part actors really; everyone has a story, and the unnoticed pebble can be the thing that starts the avalanche. If you didn’t believe that and couldn’t see the truth of that as an idea then how would you sit down in front of a typewriter and tap out words in the hope that you might change someone’s life?

Storytelling is the fire that Lucifer really stole from God. God had the ten year plan all figured out and Lucifer had a different opinion … he had his own narrative he wanted to unspool. Same with Prometheus – he figured that Zeus would have had it all wrapped up and bedded down in deistic booty call stories and that it might be a little more interesting to put some of the pawns in the driving seat.

I put myself in the driving seat – I am my own Prometheus. Or maybe today I am my own Zeus. Definitely – from old UK to new USA and do the reinvention shuffle everyday.


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