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March 24, 2014 by musehick

I don’t know if others recognise it in me – I have used it as a metaphor before in my poems, so maybe it is an obvious thing to say, but sometimes I am a blues musician, and the blues I pour out elevate me and don’t show you me in a bad place. Maybe all that’s obvious.

Sometimes you draw the blues off from a deep well of sadness that sends icy fingers into your heart, and through the writing you melt the ice and you find the beauty in that whole resonance.

I look sometimes at what I write and I wonder if people see the joy that I take in writing it. I have been watching Spectacle With Elvis Costello and Lou Reed commented that people more often identify him with the sad songs than the happy ones, and while I am not overly concerned with this (being proud of both veins of writing) one is often given to ponder on what kind of public image they create through their creations. But to be  able to, because or in spite of what people think of you, to do what Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground did, and to have inspired people to start bands, etc … wow, that feeling.

I would love to have the kind of impact that Joss Whedon had – I watched a wonderful documentary talking about the impact of Firefly on the fans, and to have done that for people is a magical thing. Today I watched something called Sci-Fi Boys and you get to see all these cinema greats like Peter Jackson and Frank Darabont hero-worshiping Ray Harryhausen. These are some of my own heroes and they have inspired me to do many things – that would be the thing to do. To give someone your words and have them feel the import of those words and take them into themselves as something personal, and then to perhaps say I want to communicate like this … that is the kind of legacy I would love to have. I think about these things


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