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March 19, 2014 by musehick

Sometimes you get a little saturated and you need to dry off – I drench myself in films or television series, or books, and sometimes I just have to take a breather. I have to get some space, and music is great for helping to create that. I wish I lived closer to galleries because it would be cool to just go and sit in the calmness of a painting’s space. Even if the narrative of a painting is hectic there is something about the sense of time compressed within the frame of its story that takes longer to distil itself into your consciousness.

With film the download rate is rapid, same with TV, and sometimes you are downloading zipped information, and it takes a while to unpack, and you can feel a little bloated when they have finally let their entire impact be felt.

Books demand that you climb inside them and live within the landscape the characters walk through, the heads they dwell in; they demand that you become the characters and you travel with them. I have been reading all the Ender books and after immersing myself in the book I emerge from it as if I were Ender emerging from the stasis which he travels from planet to planet in, and the whole world has aged and moved on.

My own subjective time feels to me to be qualitatively different than most peoples – I feel that people’s complaints that they don’t have enough time is an odd complaint. I always felt it was dependent on the person as to how much they get done. I don’t drop work at the rate I do like it were some lowly bowel movement … there has to be a degree of work involved. Time distorts itself under the direction of intention and if I want to get something done and push that target there is a very good chance that I will get it done.

There is plenty that is beautiful out there in the world, both music-wise, tv, film, and bookwise – anyone who claims any paucity of inspiration (living in the world aside) must be living on some other planet. It is not a complaint that I understand. A walk from the bathroom to the living room contains enough perceptual data to inspire a novel, so  whole day lived through, even you are in bed, is not empty of content.

I am watching documentaries now. Last night I was listening to and singing along to REM. Tonight is pop art and the Velvet Underground. Useful fuel.


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