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March 9, 2014 by musehick

Finishing projects is not only an important thing to do for the fact of having achieved a goal and met a target that you set yourself, it also allows you to free up any attention you may have lingering in that project – attention you can redirect to newer projects. This is something  I have had a lot of focus on in recent months and it has been paying dividends.

The other thing that I have attention on is reinvigorating and giving back to the various writing communities that I am and have been a part of. It gives to those who help me so it is not totally altruistic, whatever is? But who said that anything really has to be altruistic in order for it to be of benefit and for it be worthwhile? Part of this is keeping promises made and not breaking trust, and that means, if you agree to be part of a project and you say you will do something then you should do it. The added bonus to doing this when it comes to being a part of creative projects is that you end up with something that you can give to society that will enrich it and move it forward and help to create the kind of environment that is conducive to further creative endeavours and a better existence for those of a creative bent.

I have a number of exciting things that I am working on behind the scenes to do with my own work, and I also have some projects of a larger scope that involve others that I think have great potential. I feel inspired a lot, but I hope that one thing that comes across from all the writing that I do and all the places where my name crops up, that I prize hard work over everything, and that that hard work is the thing that provides a solid backbone to all the inspiration.

Keep plugging away at it – writing, editing, designing, networking, educating myself. To become a better person and a better writer, to be part of a better community, and to create a better future. Does that sound a bit Beauty Queen Speech? Well, aspiration doesn’t have to be all hot air if it has a solid groundwork underpinning it all.


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