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February 20, 2014 by musehick

I have been very productive of late. It’s all resultant from a pretty simple way of working. I am working on a lot of different projects at once and I have them open in a whole bunch of tabs and then each day I sit down and cycle through the tabs, writing a piece for each tab, getting as far as I can each day. If I don’t get through all the tabs then I go back to the beginning and start again. It’s kind of like making a game out of the whole process and that is how it should be: fun.

It means obviously that those projects loaded into the front set of tabs generally get finished quicker, but I don’t have a problem with that. It is kind of like a hot-housing production line way of working, but it is cool because instead of writing a whole bunch sequentially for one project I get to test out different muscle groups, and the close juxtaposition and stresses this forces into the writing makes them more interesting than I feel they might be if they were written differently I always like to challenge myself and this feels like a really natural way to do it.

I finished one of the books I am thinking of as Dirty Thirties, the bulk of those I am writing currently edging into the next imprint, which I have mentioned before as being Idiot 45s. After that it will be the Half Century books which have 50 poems per book. These restrictions and games I play with myself while writing are, I think, key to my productivity. I want to keep this record of those creative processes active again – look how long this blog has been going, and despite having the name daily I ironically have not hit 365 posts. Still, there is a pretty good record of where my head has been at throughout various arcs of creativity, and that to me is pretty cool.


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