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February 9, 2014 by musehick

The patterns which start at the lowest level in your life are the things which inform every level building upon that. If you have some weird funny sleep pattern that checks you and checks you in at certain points in the day – then that is going to affect what you see and that is going to impact upon what you write. This is what I have observed in myself, so I am just going to assume for the sake of things that this is how it works for everyone else too.

On this logic, I was thinking, I can see where drugs fold into the mix … they interfere with your patterns, so they are going to interfere with the world built up out of those patterns. I don’t personally go that route, because I have always felt that I have a slightly off-kilter perspective on the whole thing anyway.

There are those who won’t read or watch films or listen to music when they are creating because they don’t want to end up becoming inadvertent plagiarists. It’s funny, and to me, an erroneous way of thinking – there is not a person alive, even the hermit in the ashram, who is not impacted by something, and whose patterns are not moderated in some way … whether that be by a ray of light, or a snatch of music.

I think when you see a movement emerge it comes from people having some commonality of space, or some shared philosophy, and therefore their patterns have mirroring and echoing going on, but filter that through the individual mechanisms of perspective and response, and you are never going to arrive at the same destination.

If I am successful in communicating I set up a whole bunch of patterns in my readers and they go off operating a little different than they were before.


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