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February 7, 2014 by musehick

I think that an interesting thing about most people that are revolutionary – at least the people I am interested in – are interested in attacking the institutions and big-wigs and corrupt individuals, not the small people; the ones who do not need attacking.

I have come across trolls before – trolls who were attacking an idea or a group that I was part of – and I was passionate in my defence of said idea or group. To be attacked personally, and for there to be no real logic behind it, or no real reason why the attack should persist, is strangely destabilising, and it draws you in … makes you part of something you should just pull back from and let go of. There are ways to let go. Ridicule pushes buttons that most people think have been flattened off in the the years intervening between the bully of then and the bully of now.

These things are, after the initial disruption, useful tools for reorienting the way you think, and reframing the things you think about. I want to make sure that the things I do with my writing and my life are constructive and not unnecessarily destructive. I want to build a future, not dismantle the present … isn’t that where the creative urge should push you?

Every word, every sentence, every mark of pen or pencil on paper: it should elucidate upon something about the world and the nature of what it is to be human, and it should build to the brightness of the future. This doesn’t have to be a puff piece, doesn’t have to be some facile piece of idiocy to placate those who can’t stomach the real. To be beautiful and life affirming it need never be vacuous – this is where I am coming from, and this is where I am going. Naked honesty even in fiction and poetry. Will I always hit the mark? Do I need to? Yes, and no. Will I try to? Of course. Ambition is rocket fuel. I am an ambitious writer.


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