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January 30, 2014 by musehick

Tonight I discovered that I had actually finished writing a book that I didn’t remember finishing. I think at the time I completed it I was working on a poetic formed redemption of the self … otherwise known as digging myself out of the blues by writing them out of my system, which could explain the memory failure.

The book is called Fate Brook and was debuted on facebook, one of those things I like to do … tailoring a book to the medium, and the notes system is perfect for that. There were some nice long poems in there, so the book will breathe. It’s one of the Idiot 45s series, of which there are a couple thus far, and just re-reading a little as I was copying and pasting into the intermediate form that forms part of my record keeping and editing process, I was quietly impressed with my own work. Keep an eye out for a whole raft of work I am going to push through their gestation and deliver soon. Now I am off to bed – and when I wake in the morning the nascent sore throat will have disappeared.


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