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January 29, 2014 by musehick

The one thing which in a sense (the sense of how it affects social connection, and the lives of those around the writer) is the worst thing about being a writer and a human being, is the greatest thing when it comes to actually being creative – the solitary nature of it.

At its heart writing is not a collaborative exercise. Sure, you can collaborate, and sure you can talk about not creating in a vacuum, you bring the editor in as a way to refute the isolated act of sitting down and hammering out work … you can argue all those positions. But writing requires a writer – in the singular, with vision, writing.

Why am I writing about this? Because I have been watching documentaries about bands and film-makers and I see how they have to compromise their vision much more than a writer ever needs to … their work is necessity, born from fusion. You can see how sometimes that is great, and that the chemistry really works, but other times it becomes a nightmare where disagreements bump up against each other. I am not saying I don’t disagree with myself in the creative process, but it is a hell of a lot easier to work out a resolution because objection and solution are both coming fro the same place – a desire to create something that communicates a certain thing.

And after saying all this, setting these random bullets ricocheting around in my skull, what it the one shot that embeds itself in my skull and doesn’t find an exit wound? The idea that I would like to do something collaborative again. I have been part of art collectives and we worked for a fair while, and produced good work, so it might be nice again to be part of something like that, alongside my own creative endeavours.

As always, I entreat you to watch this space.


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