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January 9, 2014 by musehick

Conversation is a great journey – doesn’t always have a great destination, but it sometimes does. In the way that you can learn what you are thinking and where your philosophy is moving through just sitting down and writing and seeing where it takes you, sometimes you can hot-house that whole process with a good conversation.

The great thing about conversation is the unpredictable elements at play in the form of questions and contributions from your sparring partner that push you in directions your natural proclivities might not drive you in.

So, I have been thinking a lot recently about the doom and gloom that floats about on a daily basis – about the apocalyptic tones which are used to discuss so many different avenues of life, and do you know what struck me about all that hot air? That it offers no solutions – gives you no glimpse of the forward path that we can move along. Why? Where does this come from? I look at it and I listen to it (and believe me, sometimes I wish I could switch it off entirely) and the thing that I see is that the ones who are shouting loudest are the dinosaurs in the tarpits who see their own way of life becoming extinct, not the whole of life becoming extinct, which is what they would have you believe.

This universe is built of energy – that is what I see, and I know that energy never disappears, it changes. Things which some people see as dying are just things that they are observing in the process of change, a mutation, an evolution, a repurposing.

Martial arts, some of them at least, teach that in order to defeat your enemy you take the power that is flowed at you, and you take that and turn it back against your attacker; you translate the energy. This is what I want to do – I want to take all that negative crap that is thrown at us, and by us I mean the creative community, whatever function it is that you fulfil in that area, and I want to make it our source of power. In an attention ecnonomy, why would we not see the attention given to an end as just attention? And why would we not see that it is merely a problem of perspective that casts it negatively. People are interested or they aren’t – you can spin it however you want, you really can.

You are the Ancient Mariner – you tell your story (you are always telling your story) and one day it looks all dark and dismal, and then you have an epiphany, and the next day it all brightens up … what changed? Merely the way you chose to look at it. As creative people we are really the ones in the driving seat, and we are the ones that can shape the way the creative fields deals with the now, and moves into the future, and handles the delivery of the promises we make from moment to moment. It can shine. It can. It does – so it can. This is where my head is at – this is what 2014 can mean … like last year and every year before it, and like next year and every year after it, 2014 can be a shining year, the first step up on an upwards trajectory. That is how I choose to see it. You can embrace that too.


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