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January 8, 2014 by musehick

I am in the early stages of a story which I am not sure what it is. It’s character is a middle aged mess of a man – and he is telling his story, and it is not a sure definitive straight forward narrative. It was birthed while I was watching Holy Motors, and developed as I watched Stoker.

I have written before about how sometimes I write a compressed abstract dream of a first chapter, and how the subsequent story is an unpacking of that initial intensity, almost in the same way that a person’s life can be a protracted exploration of the early years of one’s life. This is a little different however – it feels as if it may remain more abstract throughout its length and stand as a loose cloud of a story that tells of the mental life of the character without offering a neat bow tied up in a resolution of the story. Not everything demands that explicit crystallisation into an ending.

I like getting lost in different worlds – it’s that explorer mentality that I always had as a child, reading those atlases, reading about biblical lands, reading myths, exploring the vast reaches of imaginary space in all those sci-fi books. I want to travel some this year and see the different parts of this country I have not seen before … I am excited at the idea. It all promises to give me much to write about. Watch this space.


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