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December 17, 2013 by musehick

Every piece of writing is a journey; a learning experience. You arrive in virgin territory (the blank page), you plant your flag (write that first sentence), you civilise the land (make your argument), and your kingdom moves into it senescence (you come to a conclusion (whether that be finishing a piece or an entire book)).

For me one of the most exciting things is that point where you have been working on a project for a while and you have gone from initial idea, through development, and you have reached that point where it all crystallises, and you suddenly see what you have been travelling towards; you know what your book is about. I hit that point today with one of my poetry projects … and the cool thing is that doesn’t mean that all the poems that come after this point are going to be cut from the same mould, but I see a cohesiveness emerging that is the result of a conversation I am carrying out with the things I am watching (tv show wise) and the things I am reading (article wise on the internet), and my desire to not only comment but to offer some kind of solution. It gives a richness and deepness to the work that some loose scattering of metaphors and doggerel would never achieve. Being a writer is a great thing.


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