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December 6, 2013 by musehick

The ideas are coming thick and fast – a lot of crime and time travel based stuff. I love writing – does that need to be said? I really want to work on some non-fiction things in this coming year, and I want to tackle some big issues.
Racism is such a hard issue to tackle, and I think it is made as difficult by ham-fisted white writers trying to speak for everyone, coming from a position of guilt, or as apologists, as anything else. Racism itself comes out of broad-strokes; stereotypes that remove detail and definition and real scrutiny from the analysis of a situation; it works to simplify the world for people unable to deal with the complexities of daily life. So, why does anyone think that discussing the issue in broad strokes is ever going to help?
I understand that there is a lot of complexity to the situation, but looking at it through the squint of guilt, through the astigmatism of an apologist stance, or any other self-limiting perspective, does nothing for anybody. It adds complexity. It needs simplifying.
Is it arrogant to think myself capable of tackling such an issue? Sure, I suppose. And what does it really amount to, but me working out the idea for myself, and hoping that it proves useful for others to come along on the journey with me? That’s probably it, and I suppose that’s it for these other writers too. But shouldn’t it be possible to frame the whole intellectual search in a way that allows it to be a genuine exploration of both the subject and the writers own personal relationship to it, without them trying to stand on a platform and speak for everyone. A delicate balance to be sure. I think this is an important thing that has to be achieved; that it can be talked about intelligently without being reductive.
Anyway, that is what I have been thinking. That is what I intend to shoot for.


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