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November 11, 2013 by musehick

I really picked up the ball and ran with Agrypnotic today. I know you would think that this far into the story I would already havea pretty good sense of who Jack perfume was but that really deepened today as I explored the relationship between him and his sister and then him and one of his friends Peter. Drilling down deeper as he sits in the hospital room with his father is going to be interesting too; it has a certain personal resonance in that my own father died in hospital and I never got to be there, so whether or not any of that is feeding into it, who can say?

I wrote over 5000 words today on Agrypnotic. The next challenge is to bring Pad Elephant up to speed and I am confident that I can do that.

I also wrote some more for the Poem A Day challenge. It rocks to be this productive and to be this on top of it. very cool. i am enjoying myself.


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