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November 4, 2013 by musehick

One of my stories, Agrypnotic leapt massively ahead of the other story Pad Elephant in terms of word count yesterday, which is interesting because initially I was finding that the hardest to write.

Pad Elephant was designed to have a singular viewpoint but one of the characters who I suppose was more of a cipher to facilitate the growth of the “main character” kind of stretched himself out and occupied more space, knocking things a little off balance in the structure department. Still, I am liking the characters so I know this will right itself and eventually write itself.

Agrypnotic is kind of demanding that whole weird front-loading dynamic that I found happening with the book I was writing last year. It is almost like I have chosen the wrong point to start the story and the camera keeps needing to pull back to get the real scope of it. It means that chapters keep building and a throughline emerges, just that I am not writing it linearly.

Pad Elephant is a patchy scattered story that arrives in imagistic bursts that ask to be slotted in all over the place. It is kind of like I am telling someone a story and keep leaving bits out and have to go back to fill them in – a witness statement which I am drafting and redrafting.

Metal Machine Music is a surprisingly good soundtrack for being able to think about writing.


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